Rwanda is still affected by the impact of 100 days of genocide

-Between April 6 and July 16, 1994

-When over 1,000,000 Tutsis were brutally murdered. UNICEF estimates that 810,000 children in Rwanda have been orphaned, and more than 100,000 live in child-headed households.

Children make up more than half of Rwanda’s population. They are the country’s future.

Since 2004, ASOLATE has provided over 360 youth with training in employable skills such as soldiering and electrical work, paint, candle and soap making, sewing and project management.Asolate is schooling more 81 orphans of HIV study in Primary &high School and provide them school supplies. We are providing Health insurance for more 180 vulnerable family live /suffering from HIV/AIDS.


Nizeyimana Seleman, a twelve year old child soldier, or “kadogo,” at the time of the Rwanda genocide of 1994, today helps the children who are as lost as he once was.

The hard and demanding military life he experience as a child quickly caused him to hate the military service, and to wish to return to school. Although many of his comrades did not finish their education, Nizeyimana was able to, thanks to the support from his parents. As the Executive Director of The Association for Youth Literacy and Trades Education (ASOLATE), Nizeyimana is now the “father” to many former street children and child soldiers.