Sooke schools 62 awards is a prize Presented to an individual who best demonstrates hard work and dedication to the youth in his community.

MCLO awards is a prize presented to an individual who supports upcoming artists and youth music in general.

ASOLATE founder NIZEYIMANA Seleman was selected to be a Sawa Leader.

Sawa leaders are highly inspirational individuals from the world’s poorest countries who        have found simple, practical and proven local solutions to extreme poverty.

Sawa world Have innovative approach to self-empowerment,

Removing people out of extreme poverty with their own

Solutions and Provide large-scale access to local solutions

That are created by the very people living in extreme poverty.

They call them sawa Leaders

ASOLATE founder Nizeyimana Seleman, was nominated in The Tällberg Foundation Global Leaders prizes that presented to women and men who demonstrate the kind of leadership demanded by the challenges of the 21st century: innovative, imaginative, flexible, systems-based, risk-taking and, above all, ethical. By honoring them, the Foundation not only seeks to nurture and extend their accomplishments, but also to encourage others to follow their examples.