we believe that together we can do more great things for children and youth  in need. Thanks for your continued support and may 2017 bring you blessing and empower you to build a better world.
Here are some meaningful resolutions to make 2017 a better year:
♡ Give your time by volunteering with your favorite organization or charity we are working with . Check out our website www.asolate.org for volunteer opportunities or look into helping out at the local social services in your home town.
♡ Donate the things you no longer need. Go through your closets, basements and attics, figure out what you need, what you don’t, and who you can give it to.
♡ Put God’s Word in action by partnering with us and inspire others to do the same. Share your story, inspire your friends, and take action.
♡ Help an entire community by starting with just one child. Become a pen pal and extended family member to a child in need. Join thousands of others by making donations to help unprivileged children to get a good start in life and experience what it’s like to be part of change for a whole community.
♡ Get more people involved by asking everyone you know — friends, family members, co-workers– to join you in helping children in need. Become our ambassador in your hometown and spread your love for children by encouraging more people to get involved.